Consignment Options

Option Available for Consignment: 

Live Auction - Onsite or at our location

Internet Auction -  Onsite or at our location

Estate Sales - Onsite or at our location 

Vendor Booth Rental (Weekend Vendor Market -Hughesville Village Market)  


Process for internet auction at your location....   
Process takes approximately two weeks to thirty days:
Step 1:  We send one of our local teams to your house to catalog and photograph all the items you wish to be sold.
Step 2:  We digitize your catalog, and send you an online copy to review the lots, photos, and descriptions.
Step 3:  After your approval, we post your auction to our website, which allows local buyers to anonymously bid.
Step 4:  We collect and verify all the payments.
Step 5:  On scheduled day(s) our local team returns to your house to supervise the pick up of all the items sold to the successful bidders.
Step 6:  We send you a final report along with the proceeds of the auction.

Hauling to our location for auction, estate sale or consignment, available. contact us for rates.  

U-HAUL rental available at our location. Visit (Hughesville MD 20637)

We make every effort to optimize your profit by offering (Estate Sale - Auction - Build a Box)...